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Preference Communication Training for Parrots

Welcome to your free Introductory Lessons to the Parrot Kindergarten course – we’re so happy you’re here!

Simple, clear, effective… and most of all, QUICK, these lessons are my favorite way to help your new learner begin communicating! Communication can build trust and expand choice in your bird’s environment–which is so important for our birds’ health and wellbeing. This communication style can be an excellent pick, too, for little ones who are fearful, chompy, or stressed. No fingers or handling needed! Plus, lots of our lessons expand on these concepts, like letting your learner pick which book they want to read or which game they want to play. I use this quick preference communication with my girls every single day. 

Be sure to figure out your little one’s learning style first. If your bird is nervous or bites, “Look” training may be your best fit. If your clever dinosaur is pretty comfortable with hands and objects, “Touch” training would be a good pick for you!

Teach Your Bird Preference Communication (Touch)

Teach Your Bird Preference Communication (Look)