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Ellie's Lesson Library

Have fun connecting with your parrot and watch your little one fall in love with learning! We’ve got shapes, colors, math, music, and so many zillions of other super cute topics to enrich your bird’s mind! Each link below has step-by-step lessons to walk you through your favorite learnin’ topics. Whether you’re brand new to teaching or you’ve got some experience, we’ll step you through training with simple and quick training videos. (Most are less than 5 minutes.) You can also hop onto our Thursday coaching calls for guidance, ideas, and inspiration.

Ellie and her friends help demonstrate super cute lessons for you and your bird. Your learnin’ bird will keep you smiling from ear to ear!

Start with the Basics! Learn How to Teach

Building Trust with Easy Communication

Let’s Connect! Bedtime Books & Cute Crafts

Explore Our World! Unit Studies & Lesson Ideas

Well Educated Birds – Music, Math, Science & More!

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