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Communication Apps, Games & Puzzles for Birds 😎

Parrot's Tablet Training Course

You asked, and we listened — our tablet training course is here by popular demand!
Whether your bird is already techie or you’re completely new to tablets, we’ve got you covered. First thing’s first – we’ll show you how to teach your bird to touch images on the screen (and not destroy the tablet!). Then we’ll guide you through pressure-touch training for an interactive experience. Finally, we’ll unfold a whole world of game apps, learning resources, and of course, our very favorite – the CommBoard communication device.

Birds with no tablet experience will fit right in. We were all beginners once!

App Game: Kids Paint Pro – Pressure Touch Skills

App Game: Kids Coloring Book – Pressure Touch Skills

App Game: Piano Kids – Music and Songs

CommBoard: Food Communication Training

CommBoard: Beverage Communication Training

CommBoard: Menus & Category Training

CommBoard: Experience Communication Training

Teaching Independent Play on the Tablet

CommBoard: Cartoon Request Training

CommBoard: Music Selection Training

CommBoard: “Talk About…” Menu

CommBoard: Yes/No Communication Training

CommBoard: Activity Request Training

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