Yes, Your Parrot Can Love Showers June 18 2024 4pm EST


June 18 2024 4pm – Teach your Bird to LOVE Showers!

If bath-time isn’t THE BESTEST time ever, tomorrow’s behavior workshop is for you!

Clearly, our little guys need showers and baths. Very often, they don’t agree with this assessment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ And when they don’t like baths and showers – and get them anyway – it can be a big debit in the trust account. πŸ˜₯


Yes, yes, YES, it’s completely possible for you to help your bird actually super love showers!

I’ve done it! With ALL of my birds. YOU can TOO!!!

That’s our topic this month at our Behavior Workshop. πŸ€—

**Free for PK Members!!**
If you’re ready to empower your bird with confidence and trust, this is the webinar for you!
When: Tuesday, June 18 @ 4pm EST
Where: Online! We’ll send you a Zoom link
Cost: $35 for non-PK Members
Come with your questions! This is a fun, interactive workshop!

(Not a PK member yet? Click here to enroll in our Parrot Kindergarten Program. πŸ₯³)

We look forward to seeing you!
Jen Cunha
Co-Founder and Parrot Mama


Happy Parrots. Empowered Caregivers. πŸ₯

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