Teach Your Perch Potato to Play & Exercise 11-16-21 4pm EST


So often we worry about whether our birds are receiving enough exercise or mental stimulation. We feel so guilty when they are apathetic to their toys and sit idle all day long. Of course, it’s not healthy for them either!

Is it possible to teach a perch potato to play with toys? YES, it is! Research demonstrates that with a little encouragement (via fun training lessons) birds – even older ones – can be taught to PLAY and exercise. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to teach your bird to PLAY and fun ways to help them exercise, too! We’ll also give tips on setting up their cage and play areas for ultimate enrichment.

**Free for PK Members!!**

If you want to bring your bird’s play and fun to the next level, this is the webinar for you ❤️

When: Tuesday, November 16 @ 4pm EST
Where: Online! We’ll send you a Zoom link
Cost: $35 for non-PK Members

Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC has over 20 years’ experience working with parrots and formerly produced parrot shows across the country – and most primarily at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Cassie is our Parrot Kindergarten behavior trainer (aka school counselor)! 🥰 In this workshop, she will show you just how teach your bird to play and exercise – step-by-easy-step. 😎 Jen Cunha will also pop in with ideas for setting up your bird’s cage and play area for ultimate mental stimulation.

Come with your questions! This is a fun, interactive workshop!

We look forward to seeing you!

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