Step-Up and Voluntary Hand Transfers 10-18-22 4pm


Oct 18 2022 4pm – Step-Up and Voluntary Hand Transfers!

As a bird mama, I think transfers and step-up/step-down can be one of the most stressful aspects of caregiving these complex little ones. 😳

A few months ago, I was really struggling with my cockatoo Isabelle’s transfers. She had developed some hormonal challenges and began giving me light pinches – or refusing to transfer altogether – mostly because she wanted to marry the neighbor πŸ™„

Voluntary transfers are a really big part of our family. ❀️ I hate to force my little girls to do anything. I’m so big and they’re so little. Forcing – picking them up, grabbing them, chasing, forcing them off of my hand… it all damages their trust so badly. πŸ˜•

So Isabelle was super hormonal and wanted to marry the neighbor and there was a lot of cockatoo drama around this πŸ˜…

Sometimes we can’t know all the things, but that’s why there are experts, right? πŸ₯°


I brought in the amazing Cassie Malina (a talented and experienced bird training expert, and our Parrot Kindergarten “School Counselor!”) to work with us and honestly?

She’s absolutely magical πŸ˜ƒ

Like some fairy bird godmother she fixed us right up and we’ve literally been fine ever since. ❀️ Force free hand transfers right back to normal (whew!). No more pinches, either. (Also whew!)

So much gentleness πŸ™‚ Happy bird and happy mama!!

We think one of the best gifts we could ever give our little birds is training them to transfer – to your hand, back to their cage, to wherever! – force free.

Gentle, safer for fingers, and ever, ever so kind for birds – you can train your bird to step up, step down, and happily go pretty much everywhere. 😍

(Yes yes yes you really can!)

In this workshop, our Parrot Kindergarten behavior trainer, Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC will show you just how do to that – step-by-easy-step.

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**This is an interactive & collaborative workshop** πŸ₯³ Bring your questions as we learn together how to reduce (everyone’s!) stress and successfully teach our birds to step-up and transfer!

What: Step-Up & Force Free Transfer Training

When: October 18 @ 4:00pm EST (1.5 hrs or so)

Where: Online @ Zoom

Cost: $35.00 (free to Parrot Kindergarten members)


Gentle transfers for our sweet birds feel so very priceless 😊




Jen Cunha

Co-Founder and Parrot Mama


Happy Parrots. Empowered Caregivers. πŸ₯


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