Managing Parrot Hormones Like a Pro 5-21-24 4pm EST


At the best of times, parrot hormones are confusing, and at their worst, they can make life miserable and heartbreaking.
From plucking to screaming and even to violent aggression, understanding the hormonal basis for behavior can be…
One of the kindest things we can do for our birds
The most amazing thing is that a few little tweaks can make a WORLD of a difference in a hormonal parrot’s life – and we’ve got just that for you!
Learning about their bodies – and helping them manage hormones – is a treasured gift to little birds.

Justice Bellar, CPBT-KA is our Parrot Kindergarten behavior trainer (aka school counselor)! In this workshop, she will show you just how to address hormones in birds, creating for a happier, more peaceful home.

Field Researcher Grace Innemee will also share with us about the role hormones play in wild parrots – and how we can help channel them into good interactions at home!

Come with your questions! This is a fun, interactive workshop!

When: Tuesday, May 21 @ 4pm EST
Cost: Free for PK Full Members, and just $35 for non-members.

Are you interested in enrolling your little one in Parrot Kindergarten? Click here to become a member today!

We can’t wait to see you!

Jen ❤️
Co-Founder and Bird Mom
Empowered Caregivers. Happy Parrots. 🐥


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