Crate Train Your Parrot for Low-Stress Vet Visits


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Crate Train Your Parrot for Low-Stress Vet Visits

Tuesday, August 24 @ 4pm EST

Here at Parrot Kindergarten, we know vet visits can be very stressful. Sometimes Jen’s parrots are out of sorts for a few days after their checkups, too. 😳

We may not be able to make those important visits totally stress-free, but reducing the ways our birds are stressed – like helping them LOVE their carriers! – can go a long way to a MUCH easier experience!

Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC has over 20 years’ experience working with parrots and formerly produced parrot shows across the country – and most primarily at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Cassie is our Parrot Kindergarten behavior trainer (aka school counselor)! 🥰 In this workshop, she will show you just how to teach your bird to go into their carriers and crates – super easy! 😎