Aggression and the Biting Bird 12-14-23 4pm EST


Reaching and Helping the Biting Bird

There are many reasons a bird may bite, but when it happens, it always hurts – not just our skin, but it can also hurt our feelings, too. What did we do to cause it? What signs did we miss? What went wrong?

Sometimes the moment is raw, too, with frustration and even pain.

We. Can. Help.

You can learn how to identify the triggers that cause a bite. (Deep breaths deep breaths) we can show you exactly how to respond in the moment. And we’ll show you how to gently train your bird to prevent them in the future ❤

In this workshop, Justice will explore with you the different reasons birds bite, how to anticipate and respond to bites… and how to help your parrot learn NOT to bite!

**Free for PK Members!!**

If you have a biting bird, this is the webinar for you ❤️

When: Tuesday, December 14  2023 @ 4pm EST

Where: Online! We’ll send you a Zoom link

Cost: $35 for non-PK Members

Come with your questions! This is a fun, interactive workshop!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Reaching and Helping the Biting Bird

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 @ 4pm EST