Introduce Your Bird To People

Training Webinar
Nov 15th 2022  4pm – 5:15pm

Nov 15th 2022 4pm – *Just in Time for Holidays!*  Introduce Your Bird(s) To People!

These brilliant, beautiful birds rely on me – for literally everything. I am responsible for their joy, for their quick minds and for their health.

I’m responsible for their happiness. And, of course, it is a job that brings me happiness I could never describe!

Aaaaand… I always look, too, at this: is their world getting smaller, or larger?  🙄

Are they (red flag!) spending more time in their cage because of behavior problems? Are they less able to visit with people because of behavior problems? 😳

Orrrrr… Is their world getting bigger? Are they meeting new people, interacting well with strangers and friends? Are they seeing new places, learning new things, expanding their experiences?

In this workshop we’re going to talk about EXPANDING their world! More experiences make for a richer, happier life – by learning to socialize with other people! ❤️

Sometimes we can’t know all the things, but that’s why there are experts, right? 🥰


I brought in the amazing Cassie Malina (a talented and experienced bird training expert, and our Parrot Kindergarten “School Counselor!”) to work with us and honestly…

She’s absolutely magical 😃

Like some fairy bird godmother she fixed us right up and we’ve literally been fine ever since. ❤️ Force free hand transfers right back to normal (whew!). No more pinches, either. (Also whew!)

So much gentleness 🙂 Happy bird and happy mama!!

(Yes yes yes you really can!)

In this workshop, our Parrot Kindergarten behavior trainer, Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC will show you just how do to that – step-by-easy-step.

Introduction to other people-Isabelle

Your Instructor/Coach

Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC

Cassie Malina has been training people and animals professionally worldwide for over 20 years. After graduating with High Distinction from the Pennsylvania State University, Cassie joined the animal training team at Natural Encounters, Inc. During her many years with NEI, she produced and performed in free flight bird shows across the country. She performed in free flight bird shows at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since the park’s inception through April 2020. She also instructed on the art and science of animal training in numerous workshops, seminars, lectures, webinars and presentations across the country. As part of the NEI team, Cassie consulted on animal programs across the US and abroad. ​Cassie has been coaching animal caregivers since 2004. She has maintained her CPBC certification from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) since 2015 and her CPBT-KA certification from the International Avian Trainers Certification Board (IATCB) since 2013, and she completed Dr. Susan Friedman, Ph.D.’s Living and Learning Course. Cassie has been an active member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) since 1998 and has been an Executive Board Member of the IAATE since 2004. In 2020, the IAATE presented Cassie with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cassie provides free behavior workshops each month for our Parrot Kindergarten members, and you can also access her throughout the month for behavior help with your flock family. (PK members receive 50% discount for behavior sessions.)

Your Host and Moderator

Jen Cunha, J.D.

Jen Cunha is an attorney, animal cognition trainer, writer, and international speaker, focusing on animal literacy and communication. A “parrot mama” for over 16 years, Jen has been developing cognition training techniques for almost a decade. Her training manuals have been translated and distributed throughout Europe, and she’s been featured in Bird Talk magazine. Jen has twice written articles for the International Association of Applied Behavior Consultants Journal and is a frequent lecturer at science conventions and companion bird gatherings around the world. Jennifer collaborates on animal literacy and communication projects with university researchers, and her research has been published in peer-reviewed scientific proceedings. Her birds, Ellie and Isabelle, have passed university-designed blind tests on phonics and reading comprehension skills and are considered the very first animals who have learned how to read.

This is a Live Webinar

Only $35

**Free for PK Members!!**

If you’re ready to expand your bird’s world and them LOVE people, this is the webinar for you ️

When: Tuesday, November 15 @ 4pm EST
Where: Online! We’ll send you a Zoom link
Cost: $35 for non-PK Members

Cassie Malina, CPBT-KA, CPBC has over 20 years’ experience working with parrots and formerly produced parrot shows across the country – and most primarily at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!
Cassie is our Parrot Kindergarten behavior trainer (aka school counselor)!

 In this workshop, she will show you just how to introduce your bird to other people.

Come with your questions! This is a fun, interactive workshop!
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We look forward to seeing you!